Smart manufacturing leads a new era of air filtration !

June 22, 2024

Latest company news about Smart manufacturing leads a new era of air filtration !

Smart manufacturing leads a new era of air filtration

As a leading company in the field of domestic air filter manufacturing, Lester provides users with high-performance and high-reliability air filtration solutions with its advanced smart manufacturing technology.

1. Smart automation improves production efficiency

The air filter manufacturing machine independently developed by Lester adopts a fully automated production process, which does not require manual intervention from raw material input to finished product output. The equipment is equipped with an intelligent PLC control system, which can automatically adjust various process parameters according to production tasks to ensure the stability of product quality.

At the same time, Lester's filter manufacturing machine has an ultra-high production capacity of up to 10 pieces per minute, which greatly improves production efficiency. In addition, the equipment also adopts a fast mold change design, which can complete the switching production of different models of filters within a few minutes to meet customers' diverse customization needs.

"In the past, we had to spend a lot of manpower and time to switch models. Now with Lester's automated equipment, the whole process is very fast and efficient." Ajie, the production supervisor of a well-known air purification company, said.

2. Strict quality control to ensure product excellence

In terms of product quality control, Lester's air filter manufacturing machine has also made outstanding performance. The equipment uses high-performance raw materials and implements a number of strict quality inspection measures throughout the production process to ensure that each product meets national standards.

"Lester's filters not only have excellent filtering effects, but also have a very long service life." Xiao Li, an equipment manager of a large commercial complex, said, "We used to need to replace filters frequently, but now the replacement cycle has been extended by more than double, which greatly saves maintenance costs."

Smart manufacturing leads the way to build a clean future

As people's demand for clean air increases day by day, high-performance and high-reliability air filters will undoubtedly become the key to improving air quality. As an industry leader, Lester provides users with high-quality filtering solutions with its advanced smart manufacturing technology, helping to build a cleaner and healthier living environment.